Expanding Access to, and Lessons Learned from HIV Care and Treatment for men who have sex with men (MSM) and Transgender Women(TGW) in and around Lagos, Nigeria


FOCUS: Comprehensive HIV/AIDS

FUNDERS: Population Council – Elton John AIDS Foundation

DURATION: 2020- 2022

CPHI receives support from the Population Council through the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) toimplement the Expanding Access to, and Lessons Learned from HIV Care and Treatment for Men who haveSex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Women (TG) in and around Lagos, Nigeria project. CPHI provides the Population Council with technical expertise and structures to conduct culturally sensitive HIVinterventions and conduct groundbreaking research that would inform programming for men who have sex with men and transgender women in Nigeria.

Key areas of the project include
  • To support mechanism for the capacity building of The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) to serve asa one-stop-shop center for KPs
    • To support strategies to increase the number of MSM and TG women who know their HIV status,are on HIV treatment, and are retained in care.
    • To support the implementation and acceptance of evidence-based interventions focused on MSM and TG women.

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