CPHI Core Values

Here are the beliefs and principles that drive us at CHPI. They are our most valuable asset and impact our individual and collective experiences as well as our relationships with everyone. 

1. Excellence

We believe that we must execute all things with the highest standards of excellence; that is why our work culture and processes tailor to ensure that our teams discharge their duties at optimal capacity. That is why we say: why deliver 100% when you can provide 101%?

Our commitment to excellence is why we employ innovative approaches to managing the demand and supply of our priority services. We are in this for the long run, so we do not give anything less than the best.

2. Diversity and inclusivity

Diversity of ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds is vital to who we are and what we do.  At CPHI, we do not just recognize diversity; we celebrate it. We are constantly seeking new ways to be inclusive of all people, regardless of sexual identity, gender expression, or ethnicity. As an equal opportunity employer, we take pride in the fact that our workforce reflects the diversity of the vulnerable and marginalized populations and the Nigerian culture.

3. Teamwork and Partnership

We are not just healthcare, social workers, and researchers delivering the best care to the Nigerians. We are a team of dedicated individuals partnering with our clients, stakeholders, and ourselves to make our dream work. Working as a team provides us with the advantage of being responsive and flexible to the ever-changing landscape of health and career.

From management to operational staff, we are cooperative — not competitive — and we celebrate each other’s successes.

4. Transparency

Our processes – be it hiring or grant reporting are as clear as crystal. Our management is always on its toes to ensure that we implement best practices concerning fraud prevention, grant reporting, etc., because our reputation is our primary currency.

5. Level Five Leadership

Our work incorporates capability, effectiveness, and competence in a way that ensures that everyone is a leader. For this reason, we cultivate a culture of humility and resilience, so our staff members are always poised to love CPHI from good to great.

6. Accountability

The world is interconnected; so are we! At CPHI, we do not work in silos. We are accountable to our partners and donors, stakeholders, and the people we serve. This culture of accountability’s reflected in how we manage our processes, resources, and work relationships. We desire that all our employees feel a sense of belonging and contribute at their highest potential. Our shared expectations and accountability reflect in our Code of Conduct.

7. Passion

Our work impacts people’s everyday lives: that is why we do it with zest and unrelenting passion. Every team member is carefully selected based not just on their extensive experience but also on their conviction about what we do.